The conference  BP14 in Budapest proved to be quite a success. As usual, the most interesting sessions were hold on the first day. The number of excellent speakers made the decision rather difficult. Brief summary of my choices.

1. Anne-Marie Colliander Lind (Common Sense Advisory) and Mikos Ban (espell) emphasized the need to diversify services and to reject the postulate of “educating customers”.

2. Marta Stelmaszak spoke about a powerful freelancer and the ways of selling the expertise to the clients. Inspiring, as usual.

3. Valeria Aliperta presented various techniques of branding in our industry. Her presentation was full of examples. Some of the audience considered it too self promotional. However, as the self promotion was the point, it was the right place and time if you ask me.

4. Konstantin Kisin, as usual, discussed the psychology of the relationship. As always inspiring, with humor and taste. Everyone who met him once knows what I mean.

5. Alessia Vonau (business coach) talked about the general principles of the freelancer’s business development. Because she’s a person out of our environment, her observations from a different point of view were extremely interesting. Most stimulating thought: Curiosity is the salt of life. Also in business.

6. Herman Boel, a PM in big agencies for 15 years, revealed to us the secrets of working in this position. His presentation gave us a very sad image of reality and discouraged me to try to cooperate with such companies. It is very valuable knowledge though.

I have used the second day for behind the scenes conversations mainly. Admittedly I participated in Nigel’s workshop on teaming up and Sameh’s workshop on technological improvements, but I have little to say on this topic. The subject is interesting for me from the theoretical rather than from practical point of view. Nigel’s market reality is totally different from ours and Sameh discussed voice-over, dubbing etc., which is not much my working field. But again, the conversations at the tables and in the smokers’ corner were really absorbing. However, I’ll keep their content for myself.

Csaba Ban has not submitted any declarations yet, but in the end he said, that he has bought two web domains. The event might turn out to be regular.